Dear Entrepreneurs, Infopreneurs, Femtrepreneurs,

Freelance graphic artist and writer seeking innovative organizations and small businesses. Enjoys long blog articles and romantic dissertations. Likes contrast, balance and effective use of white space. Provides own adjectives and nouns, and performs own verbs, adverbly. Owner of a luxury Adobe Suite. If you are in need for someone to give your product a face or write compelling copy,  we could make beautiful projects together.

My goal is to design your voice in a way that captivates your audience and invites your target market.

  • I want to give you designs and content that will yield a return on investment and contribute to a long-term relationship with your customers.
  • I want to give you original content but one that utilizes concepts and strategies that has already been tested and shown to work.
  • I want to use marketing strategies so that your product will reach and engage your target market.

How can I help?

I am both an artist and graphic artist, as in I draw, paint, and dabble in photography. While I can save time and offer less expensive services by utilizing the many free things out there, I can also supply my own core ingredients to graphic arts like my handmade photoshop brushes and illustrations.

I have a marketing background both offline and online, so I don’t just design things to look pretty, I design things to reach a target market.

I want to know your brand and goals. Why waste time and money on designing or writing something that’s perfect for a different company or different niche? The worksheet I give to all my clients will not only tell me a little more about you, but it is a useful guide to help you develop strategies and keep handy for future reference.