Writer & Artist, Michelle Grewe served her country in the Air Force with honors and is a mother of 3 daughters. Published in 7 books, Michelle highlights her art in her coloring book and healing journal From Dust to Essence. Her art is inspired by zen doodles and tattoos, and her writing by Nicole Knepper and Jenny Lawson. Her work has been featured on websites such as Popsugar Moms, The Good Men Project, Mamalode, and Blunt Moms. She is from West “By God” Virginia, and a lover of Steelers football.

Michelle’s career started off with a lot of short-term jobs while going to college. She learns best from doing, so her focus has been on work; however, school often monopolized her time. Odd jobs included graphic designer, waitress and bartender, bookkeeper, secretary, retail clerk, and writer.

Michelle then found a job she loved and quit school in order to work. Starting off as an AR clerk, she worked her way to Acting Controller for a non-profit organization who operated with over 65 different funds. Her proudest accomplishment was that all required audits showed zero accounting findings.

She then joined the Air Force graduating basic training and tech school with honors leaving with an honorable discharge in order to marry a man she met in the military (she didn’t want to be stationed away from her husband). Her proudest accomplishment in the military was, of all things, being called Devil Dog by Marines after winning a friendly fight, despite being a female in the Air Force (a feat that will only happen once in all of history).

She then worked as a Regional Manager for a tax and bookkeeping corporation, and in one tax season, she turned a 6 year trending net loss into a gain. She attributes most of her success to the following marketing strategies:

  1. She hired the guy in charge of the military base’s tax office with a huge discount offered to military personnel and retirees with tax situations beyond the scope of the base office.
  2. She teamed up with local businesses and corporations (including Walmart) to offer a coupon that was mailed directly with the W-2.
  3. She offered a good deed discount for those who took part in local charity activities such as donating blood or donating books to deployed soldiers.
  4. Through cold calls, she created a clientele for bookkeeping services to increase cash flow in the off season

She left the tax company to be a mother, but her idea of being a stay-at-home-mom was to sell products on the internet and get published. Blogging then engulfed her life, and her little hobby quickly turned into a home business.  She has freelanced for companies that offer SEO content and sales copy, and she has been published on some major websites like The Good Men Project as well as some anthologies like Clash of the Couples that made Amazon’s best selling list. She also freelanced graphic design including book covers and website buttons. In addition, she offers graphic elements she created from scratch and stock photography in public domain.

Writing, Graphic Design, and Web Resume

Bookkeeping and Management Resume