I blog on various (too many) sites as time permits. They are all very slow moving as a result, but they give a good insight to my writing style and graphic design styles as I have designed all the sites myself. Please keep in mind they have an intended audience and specific purpose that differs between them.

Michelle Grewe

My primary blog where I blog about spirituality and updates to what I’m doing. Most of the artwork and illustrations are done by me. I try to set the writing tone to be an easy read; however, I aim for well written work on a 12th grade reading level. The spirit world operates in abstracts, so a touch of poetic justice adds to the brand.

Blogging As I Learn It  

Here we talk about marketing, writing, graphic design, and other bloggers, but in an easy to read conversational tone. Profanity is sometimes included. The best way for me to learn something is to write about it, and because I’m all over the internet, I like to stay up to date on trends and news. My biggest source of traffic for this site is from organic searches, and I use it to help grow my email list with a slew of opt-ins. Here, you can not only get a glimpse on my knowledge and informal tone, but also, you can see the type of graphic elements I design myself (or clean up myself like vintage art) that I give away for signing up.

DIY Mom for the Holidays

Give your holidays that extra feel-good-snuggle by diving in with some recipes and DIY projects (crafts and decor). The purpose of this site is to reach a target market that might be interested in adult coloring as well as advertise the Mom for the Holidays book. Future plans are to include smaller DIY ebooks in a DIY Mom for the Holidays series. There isn’t much as a writing sample on this site; however, I did design the site myself.

Women of Ill Repute

A trending topic for women of the 21st century is relationships, girl power, and sex. Not many sites focus on just that, so this site was designed to fill that gap. It is geared toward liberal women, and it is profanity laced (so delve in at your own risk). I write a lot of humor articles as sex is a primary topic and one that is difficult to read without blushing.

Information and insights for those dealing with paranormal phenomenon. Learn how to protect yourself and deal with jerky entities. This site is informational only and serves no purpose for advertising. It’s primary emphasis is on SEO to fill a void in information that’s out there.

Mental Variance

Haven for autism with insights for parents and autistic people. Topics include parenting issues like meltdowns as well as adult autism issues like Social Skills 101. This site is for informational purposes only and is not a venue for advertising (not yet anyway).

Crumpets and Bollocks

My old blog that I’m not updating often at this point. I pretty much have abandoned the project, but it is highly saturated with profanity and speaks of politics and nonsense. The trend to cuss just to cuss in the momosphere with shenanigans and tomfoolery is dying quickly, and this project no longer fits the current online trends. Plus, I felt called to switch gears to something more profound and meaningful.