Graphic Portfolio

Welcome to my online graphics portfolio. Here is a brief overview of my graphics. If you’d like to see more, feel free to choose from the submenu.

A little about my graphics background:

  • I have about 20 years of graphic design experience on and off
  • I have designed print and monitor giving considerations to the vast differences between the two
  • I currently use Photoshop and Illustrator as my primary software
  • I am open to any style
  • I can draw and play with various mediums

Quick Overview of some of my favorites:

swan blessings-hand-heart solma-feather-angel product-2 shop-michelles-art-2  angel-demon-idea-1c-wingsjudgment   to-dream-of-true-love-pinterest  10-dating-rules-to-protect-your-heart-and-still-have-fun-for-pinterestmy-heart-colored  helicopter-parenting-gone-wrong-featured 26467565902_8b688f27e1_k 26522092745_806b18d098_killustrations-hall-and-oates-unicorns watercolor-patterns-poster fist-punch mental-variance-logo-3 banner unicorn-among-horses-square