Print Media

I started designing for print back in 1998 when I worked as a graphic artist for my local newspaper as a summer job focusing on ad and classified design. I have since worked for 2 printing presses designing things like flyers, business cards, newsletters, and brochures. My freelance printing experience ranges from doing similar things as a printing press for various businesses I worked at including flyers, newsletters, and child coloring sheets for restaurants. My most recent experience with print is through selling t-shirts and other products online and Indie Publishing as I design book covers and books.

The difference between print and computer graphics is that computers use light to be the white space while print uses the paper. Computer graphics usually are in RGB color while print is in CMYK. Because paper color and texture changes, and because CMYK is limited to print capabilities, the colors on print may not appear the same as they are on the computer. I take that into consideration when I design for print.

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