Writer’s Portfolio

Welcome to my writer’s portfolio. Here you will find a brief overview of my work. For more samples, check out the submenu.

Some key highlights:

  • I have been writing as a hobby and freelance since 8th grade
  • I have been published in various anthologies
  • I have been featured on sites such as PopSugar, The Good Men Project, Blunt Moms and Mamalode
  • I have published poetry from 1999 that I lost
  • I averaged an A+ on my college papers
  • I try to write for the audience, so keep that in mind when reading samples
  • I have been focusing on internet styles in the last 10 years
  • I blog about blogging on Blogging As I Learn It
  • I spend a considerable amount of time on research

Top Samples:

The Good Men Project  ♥ 10 Ways White People can Help Make Black Lives Matter

Break the Parenting Mold ♥ 12 Ways to Prevent Autistic Meltdowns

Crumpets and Bollocks ♥ Helicopter Parenting Gone Wrong (humor) 

Gable Group ♥ Inspire and Reach your City for Jesus